Decanters or also known as Liquor Decanters, bring that complete party experience when you’re hosting one at home. The perfect accessory for drinks that can never go wrong. In this article, we’ll provide more information on how to use it best.

What is Decanter?

Decanter has long been a “special vessel” for liquor, especially wine, so that the liquid can go through decantation. As you uncork your wine and transfer it into a decanter, you’ll see some wine sediments settling on top.

Most decanters are made out of glass or crystal, all in different shapes and designs. Each standard-sized decanter can hold a liquor of up to .75 liter. In modern times, a lot of decanters have been marketed that can hold up to a liter or more.

Wine decanters vary
Wine decanters vary greatly and come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, choosing a decanter is a greatly personal exercise – once you understand how they work and how to use them, it’s important to find one that you think fits your personality well.

The purpose of using a decanter

The reasons for using a decanter compared to serving it straight from the bottle is quite varied for each individual. Here are some of the main reasons why decanters are still a thing for home bars and drink parties.

For style

Nothing beats serving your favorite house liquor with your guests by showing off a classy decanter. While it’s also stylish and classic to serve it from the bottle, especially if it’s from a well-known brand, the decanter serves its purpose. There’s a different feel when you’re served a glass of wine from the decanter. It’s the same feeling when you’re being served with orange juice from a pitcher rather than from a paper packet. Hosts can wow guests with lavishly designed decanters, bringing out the liquor’s overall presentation.

To bring out the liquor’s impressive color

Whether you are serving a deep red wine, golden tequila, or crystal clear vodka, the decanter helps each of the liquor’s colors to stand out. You don’t see its real beauty when it’s inside the bottle. But with the decanter, you’ll appreciate the quality and its characteristics more.

Enhancing the flavor of the liquor

The best example of this is when serving wine. Red or white wine is best enjoyed when exposed to the right amount of oxygen. The oxygenation helps the wine to enhance its flavors more compared to serving it straight from the bottle. The trick is to uncork the wine and let it sit in the decanter for 30 minutes before serving. If the decanter is unsealed, the better the wine tastes. It also works with other liquors, but it seems to have greater effects on red wine.

How long can you keep liquor in a decanter?

That depends on what kind of decanter you have at home. If you have an open lid decanter, it’s best to pour out enough liquor that you and your guests can drink on that day. When any liquor is left open or exposed, the alcohol will soon evaporate and no longer fit to drink.

You can store any liquor for as long as you can for a decanter with a seal or glass stopper. That’s the reason why most wine lovers prefer a sealed decanter. However, when storing wine, it should be consumed within the week. Wines lose that taste overtime when opened compared to other liquors such as vodka, rum, or brandy.

Wine Decanters
Wine Decanters have a broad variety of designs and you can find one that suits both the purposes and the aesthetic view you have of yourself, and your home.

What type of decanter should you get?

Like what we mentioned earlier, decanters come in different shapes and designs. Here are some tips that you can follow for picking the right decanter for you:

  1. Choose a simple, smooth cut decanter for clear liquors. Like for gin, vodka, or tequila. You would like something that magnifies the liquor without having too much effect going on.
  2. For a vintage and bar themed vibe that you’re trying to achieve at home, a crystal cut decanter sets the tone. This is more for style and collection pieces if you’re a collector. It works well with any liquor.
  3. A sealed decanter is highly preferable since you can store it for a long time compared to the unsealed ones.
  4. Be creative with the design you’re picking. After all, decanters are there for classy drinking sessions and parties. As long as it fits your style, you can never go wrong with it.

Decanters will always be a lovely piece in your home bar area. Make sure yours stand out during special occasions when serving your favorite liquors. And lastly, drink moderately.