Elderberry Wine

When we talk about wine, the classic grapes will be what springs to mind, since grapes are by far the most common fruits associated with winemaking. However, this does not mean that they are the only option. There are plenty of fruits used to make wine including blueberries, dark berries, huckleberries, elderberries, plums, pears, apples and many others. Specifically, elderberries are used to make the Elderberry wine which can even be as good as their horticultural cousin, grapes, that produce the classics.

When wine from elderberry fruit is aged, oaked, and smoothened with different flavors, it will compare favorably with wines like Petit Verdot or Mourvedre. Furthemore, elderberry wine is precisely perfect for the cold weather and pairs nicely with an assortment of delicacies and foods, once again, just like a classic wine.

Balanced Components

Wine with proper proportions of acidity, tannins, and alcohol is a fine wine. The main problem with some wines is that some are too acidic, a majority are too alcoholic while a few are too tannic. Grapes almost have an excellent balance of this components that is why they are ultimate fruits for winemaking.

From a genetic perspective, an incredibly close cousin of the grape is indeed the elderberry fruit. Exhibiting similar acidity and notes of tannins, elderberry wines can be incredibly similar to their classic counterparts from grapes.

Elderberry wine is produced from elderberries
Elderberry wine is produced from elderberries, a close cousin to the grape, which exhibits a number of similar qualities as the classic fruit.

Benefits of the Elderberry wine

The fruit has reasonable quantities of sugar and acid, excellent color, an excellent proportion of tannin levels, and alcohol content. The most beneficial component is that elderberry has the highest amounts of antioxidants and this is what gives the elderberry wine medicinal properties to protect you from cancer, heart disease, inflammation, and other unforeseen illnesses. This alone should be a reason to try some elderberry wine – if you’ve ever needed an excuse, good health is a great one.

Moreover, elderberries contain considerable amounts of health beneficial Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C as well as amino acids, flavonoids, and carotenoids. Warm elderberry wine cures a sore throat, reverses the effects of cold chills by inducing perspiration, and is also a remedy for influenza. Traditionally, elderberry wine was a curative agent for colds and a reliever for asthma and bronchitis.

Some people will overindulge in drinking this wine, excusing their excessive drinking with the benefits we have mentioned so far. Please, remember, this wine has alcoholic content. Instead of being beneficial, over drinking is destructive to your health and we can only encourage you to drink in moderation.

Despite this, there is likely no harm in a little bit of consumption taking a little of it, taking at least a glass or two after a dinner treat, or nice creamy ice-cream, or desserts is recommended.

Availability and Popularity

Comparing favorably with other wines like Merlot and Cabernet made using blueberries and grapes, elderberry wines seem to be rising in popularity. The wine is quite distinct and intense with a slight smooth and sweet finish. A study carried out in one of the wineries associated with fine elderberry wine showed that 75% of those who tasted the wine bought it after tasting – so it appears to have good reputation with consumers as well as winemakers (and doctors!)

This rising popularity explains why wineries have embarked on the production of elderberry wine in large quantities. Initially, people used to produce this wine at home by following simple steps similar to those used to produce red and white wine. But this focus is shifting because the wine continues to carve out its niche of loyal consumers. So, you will find it on display on shelves, and even when you want to buy online, you’ll find an increasing number of suppliers are now stocking the elderberry variety.


Elderberry fruit may not be the perfect fruit to be used to produce wine and it would be hard to ever dethrone the legendary grape. However, Elderberry wine is proving to be a competitive brand attracting the love of wine consumers across the globe. What makes this wine inch closer to perfection is its intense flavor, smooth with a slightly sweet taste in the end. Additionally, its health benefits are on par with other wines produced by industry benchmark-grapes, and it’s a great excuse to give something different a try.