Long gone are the days when Argentian winemakers focused more on quantity over quality. The most notable change came from passionate winemakers like Catena Zapata and Familia Zuccardi, who have introduced Argentinian wines across the world.

Here’s a list of the best Argentinian wines we’ve had the pleasure of trying. The demand for these wines is off the chart and from what we have seen, it is not going to stop any time soon.

White Wines

Zuccardi Blanc

This is a Chardonnay grown in Argentina’s Uco Valley, one of the most renowned winemaking areas in Argentina. The fact that it has the Zuccardi stamp on it speaks a lot about its quality.

The wine has excellent acidity and freshness that is a result of the unique climate conditions in the Uco Valley region. The fruity note is also unique and only makes the wine even more unique and a true treat.

Bodega Colome (Salta Torrontés)

How about a wine from wineyards set 3,000 meters above sea level? The sheer altitude and the intense solar radiation present at those heights give the wines exceptionally particular taste. As a direct result of that, wines feature more aroma, specific texture and color.

White Stones’ Chardonnay from Catena Zapata

The exceptionally excellent white wine according to most wine enthusiast is Catena Zapata’s White Stones’ Chardonnay. Its touch of thyme and complexity that comes from its minerality and brightness, make it a truly extraordinary wine. It’s not a cheap wine, but anyone can afford to buy it at least once and try yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

Argentinian wine mountains
The mountains in Argentina give rise to an amazingly complete terroir and add layers of complexity to wines from the region. You can almost taste the fresh mountain air…

Red Wines

Catena Zapata Malbec (2017)

We’ve finished our list of top white wines with Catena Zapata, and we are to begin a new one, one that is about red wines with the same winery. Their red 2017 Malbec is the equivalent of their White Stones’ Chardonnay, both in terms of overall quality and uniqueness.

If you are going on a part where one or two bottles won’t cut it, then this is the wine you want to bring. Its sophisticated structure and precise balance make it so special. Furthermore, it has notes of black cherry, chocolate, silky smooth tannins, and blackberry. Its price is quite affordable, which is even better. In terms of value, it’s unmatched.

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Carmelita Uco Valley Cabernet Franc 2013

Even though its spiritual home is in the Loire Valley in France, the foothills of Andes Mountains are the real home of Cabernet Franc. The specific climate in this region contributes to the making of wines that taste different than the ones made in France. Wines here tend to be bolder with notes of bright, red fruit. Its soft juiciness is unheard for wines made in the Loire Valley. Add some oak aging in the mix, let time do its thing, and you will have something truly special.

Vina Cobos Bramare Malbec (Touza Wineyard 2016)

All grapes are hand-picked from the Tousa wineyard which is located 1049 meters above sea level. The wine is stored in French oak for 18 months. The outcome is a concentrated, bold, and dark wine featuring notes of black pepper and thyme. In addition, wine lovers can even taste the chocolate finish and some bramble fruit notes. That adds up to one of Argentina’s finest red wines which is a true delight for those that can appreciate a good bottle of wine.

La Consulta Malbec, 2013 by Familia Zuccardi

Pretty much any wine from Sebastian Succardi is excellent. Their terroir-driven wines are one of the finest represents of Argentinian wines in the world. La Consulta Malbec is one of the most captivating wines they offer. It features a touch of mocha and floral notes that combine into perfect harmony. Its subtle mineral silkiness is the final touch that gives its elegance and class.

Bodega Colome Altura Máxima (Salta Malbec)

Argentina is known as the home of some of the highest wineyards in the world. The effect of altitude on both the grape and wine is a thing for itself. This wine is the perfect example of the effects of high altitude over grapes and wine. The Bodega Colome Altura wineyard has been able to capitalize on that effect and produce a true treat for wine lovers. The thicker grape skins are like that because of the high altitude. Thanks to that, winemakers can produce dark wine featuring a high concentration of aroma and flavor. Also, that’s how this red wine got its sumptuous color. Its minerality and lean wine featuring mint and salt flavors can amaze even the most peculiar wine lovers. If you give it a bit more time, it will become even better and finer. Quite simply, it is a truly excellent wine worthy of kings and royalties.