For decades, the wine industry was dominated by Old World and European countries. While the trend continues today, with Italy, Spain, and France being the top three producers of wine in 2014, there is a new player in the international wine industry. The Chilean wine has left a mark in the trade and is starting to make its name in the wine industry.

At present, Chile is the 5th largest wine-exporting and 7th largest wine-producing country in the world. This is such a great achievement for them considering their wine industry only begun to develop in the late 1980s.

The Beginning of Chilean Wine Industry

Chile has been manufacturing wine since the Spaniards came over. Conquistador Cortez has planted the first vines, which means wine from Chile has been around for more than 500 years. But, during this time the winemakers manufacture wine secretly as they were not allowed to produce their wine when the Spaniards rule. Because of this, the manufacturing of wine in Spain and other European countries would use grapes from Chile, but Chile never got the opportunity to shine.

Everything changed in 1980 when the opportunity opens up, and it is now their chance to show the world they can produce the best-tasting wine. Investors started to pour in Chile’s vineyards. Because of Chile’s high quality and low priced wine, a major market was developed with Americas.

Chilean Grape Varieties

Together with international varieties of grapes like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and others, Chile has their grape called Carmenere. It is a red wine grape that is used occasionally for blending in Bordeaux. In the past, this mixture was referred to as Merlot, but it has now corrected as Carmenere and is considered as one of Chile’s best offerings.

The Future of the Wine Industry in Chile

Chile is becoming a significant player on the international wine scene. At present, most of the wines have a higher price due to foreign partnerships in the market. It is not clear if the consumers will pay for the high price. But with the quality of the cheaper wines, it looks like that it is only a matter of time until Chile will become an established consistent provider of best wine at a price that everybody can afford.

Chilean Wine
While the bleak Chilean mountains might not make for the most attractive looking area for vineyards, the country has recently been producing world-class wines famous around the world.


The wines from Chile are new and exciting and the innovation of Chile winemakers, development of the area and the climate it all lead to the production of world-class wines.

4 Reasons to Drink Chilean Wine

Here are some of the reasons why you should experiment with Chilean wines:

Cool climate

The climate of the country is 20 plus degrees colder as compared to the traditional wine-producing countries. This is the reason why wines from Chile have new and exciting finishes and flavors. For instance, Natura Pinot Noir is manufactured not far from the cool Pacific. It has a smell of strawberry with mild spices and a flavor you won’t forget.

Respect for nature

Chile is popular for having an eco-friendly wine industry. The wines are made from organic grapes from the most outstanding valleys. Chile’s wine is produced from high-quality and healthy ingredients, and each glass poured is a crisp, clean drink. Respect for the nature that produces these fine grapes is a top priority.


Wine made from a single variety of grape is known as a varietal wine. For instance, the Pinot Noir is made from Pinot Noir grape. This variety is a popular and preferred grape from Burgundy. Because of the country’s cool climate, they were able to manufacture versatile wines.

Great Value

Wine is one of life’s simple pleasures and Chilean liquor lets you enjoy it at an affordable price. With the many great options you have, you can find the perfect partner to your next meal or the best gift for a host at an affordable price.

All in all though, the best reason why you should try wine from Chile is it tastes excellent!

Final thoughts

In the last three decades, Chile’s winemaking history has made great advancements. At present, members of the wine industry are discovering new appellations and rediscovering old, ungrafted vines. And because of this some of the well-known producers are investing in the wine industry in Chile, including Domaines Barrons de Rothchild, Chateau Lafite Rothschild owner and the founders of Grand Marnier.

The Chilean liquors were able to steal the spotlight at the Berlin Tasting in 2004. Two of their wines took the 1st and 2nd place medals during the blind tasting.

So, whether you are after a lofty red or a vibrant white, age-worthy selection, out of the box oddity, everyday sipper or a crowd-pleaser, there is a Chilean wine for you waiting to be discovered.