Porta 6 Lisboa Review

In most wine circles, an unaged and relatively cheap Tempranillo is something which produces turned up noses. So hear us out when we say, Porta 6 Lisboa is not one to discount immediately. Although Tempranillo is more commonly preferred in higher quality and aged wines, when handled correctly it can produce some excellent vintages without excessive ageing – provided they’re placed towards the cheaper side of the price spectrum.

James Martin, famous celebrity chef and wine aficionado, recently caused a “rush” on the Porta 6 during a televised interview while extolling the virtues of the wine.

As a famous British chef, we figured that his expertise was worth heeding, so we decided to place an order for the Porta 6 and see for ourselves what all of the fuss was about.

Porta 6 Lisboa
Porta 6 Lisboa also features absolutely wonderful bottle art!

From a tasting perspective, the Porta 6 comes out swinging with a rich fullness of warm flavors. Jam-like fruits – strawberries, raspberries, and notes of plum are evident as the wine hits your lips. Relatively delicate, the strong notes quickly give way to a smooth mouthfeel which cradles you gently into the aftertaste, leaving you wanting (but not needing) more.

The aftertaste is light, leaving lingering notes of fruit which maintain on your palate  until your next taste. In our minds, despite being a relatively young Tempranillo, it’s the very definition of ‘easy drinking’.

We’re going to be straight up here – nobody will think this is a $100 / £100 bottle of wine – but it doesn’t profess to be. The Porta 6 punches way, way above its price class and can easily pass for a mid-range bottle of red. Which considering the price point, is honestly, impressive.

Pairing Porta 6 Lisboa with food

If pairing, we’d suggest this wine is very versatile. If you’re serving a “high tier” dinner of expensive steaks, we’d suggest something more down the lines of a Malbec, but this Porta 6 still pairs wonderfully with a wide array of foods (and cheeses).

Tempranillo pairs wonderfully with, surprise surprise, Spanish foods!

We’d suggest some fantastic tapas – an array of Jamon, Proscuitto, grilled Padron peppers with some simple sea salt, etc, etc. Past the Spanish classics, you can look a little further afield to cuisines like Moroccan, or even classic Italian – what pairs better with a pepperoni pizza than a Tempranillo?

If you’re looking to pair cheese, then you absolutely can’t go wrong with a strong dry cheese such as Manchego or an aged Parmesan – though the Porta 6 Lisboa is delicate enough that it can be included with a wide array of different cheeses and will be a welcome addition to any cheeseboard.

A casual drinking red?

Let’s get real for a second – you’re reading a wine blog, so we’re probably preaching to the choir here, but who doesn’t love a nice casual glass of wine in the evening? While we would all love to have the financial position to try a different high priced wine every day, for most of us this will remain a pipe-dream, so it’s important to have a selection of wines in your collection which are suitable for every event.

The benefits of red wine are well known, with a myriad of health benefits associated with frequent (but note excessive!) red wine consumption. Whether reducing chances of heart disease, stroke, or lowering chances of depression (and come on, we must admit it lifts your mood) it seems like the benefits of having a glass of red wine a few nights per week are generally accepted.

For moments like this, it’s great to have a bottle handy you can grab to enjoy without feeling the burn of the price tag, or without the frustration if you leave the bottle unattended and end up with oxidation ruining your wine. This is where the Porta 6 Lisboa really excels.

Back of the Porta Lisboa Bottle
Although perhaps not as pretty as the front, the back of the Porta Lisboa bottle still has character!

The strong flavors which give way to a delicate mouthfeel also mean that you have a wine which is far from overpowering. It’s not going to fill you up, and it’s not going to destroy your palate before your dinner, or even your pre-sleep evening routine.

In short, it’s a great wine for casual drinking, or to break out over a relaxed dinner. We’ll be honest, if you have a wine lover at the table then it’s not going to blow them away – but that’s not the point here. Wines have different uses.

Sure, if you want to find a bottle older than you are then Tempranillo wine is probably a great place to start looking – but you shouldn’t discount this wine just because of it’s relatively young age.

Bottle art – a true statement

There’s a good reason we’ve included several photos of the Porta 6 Lisboa bottle on this review – it’s stunning. Reminiscent of the kind of art you’d more often see on modern craft IPAs, or even as an NFT, it really brings something unique to the bottle.

Shying away from the classic look (a boring label, in red/white/black with calligraphic style text) brings something unique to this wine, making it a popular design for those looking to bring something a little different to the dinner party – it’s certainly sure to stand out.

Just get yourself a bottle

Unlike more pricey bottles, the logic here is simple. If you don’t like it – so what? You aren’t breaking the bank by grabbing a bottle, and even though you’re not going to be shell-shocked by the quality of this Tempranillo, we’d bet that you’ll be surprised.

In our case, we grabbed a case to have as a casual drinking wine in the evening and we’ve followed it up with multiple more orders since because it is just that – a great casual drinking wine. And at $10 / £8 per bottle, really, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

So grab yourself a bottle, enjoy a glass, and let us know what you think. We’re always on the lookout for other wines like this, and in our opinion it’s a rare find!

Close up of Porta 6 Lisboa bottle art
Close up of Porta 6 Lisboa bottle art