Japan is best known for its national drink sake. However, it is its wine industry that has been making splashes in the last few years with its portfolio of domestic wines. The several medals that they’ve won at the Decanter World Wine Awards witness the quality of their wines. There is an ongoing demand for these wines.

The Japanese wine industry is still expanding, as well as their wine tourism. Here’s a list of wines that we think are the best Japan have to offer…

Lumiére Sparkling Koshu 2015

This is a dry sparkling wine made of Koshu grapes featuring a refreshing sour taste and is not very sweet. The wine is very carbonated and effervescent; meaning its perfect as a toast drink. Also, it is very high in acidity and has a note of citrusy.

Château Mercian Koshu Gris de Gris 2015

This is a wine featuring a well-rounded flavor and is neither too sweet nor too dry. This full-bodied wine is complex and deep. It goes best with foods flavored with lemon or salt. Its exquisite color makes it perfect for all sorts of celebrations and parties. Plus, thanks to its well-rounded taste, it is a wine that appeals to anyone.

Grace Wine Grace Koshu 2017

This is a clean and dry wine featuring refreshing acidity. One sip of this wine and you will feel the scent of the citrus fruit, as well as the pleasant bitterness. All in all, the wine is faithful to the Koshu grapes flavor. It goes best with traditional Japanese meals such as grilled fish. Furthermore, it makes a great gift to a wine lover or someone that is into sake. Its label has been designed by Kenya Hara – a legendary Japanese graphic designer.

Muscat Bailey A Ycube 2015

The Muscat Bailey A comes with a fresh scent of berries with added sweet that somehow doesn’t feel sugary. Once you have a sip you with its refreshing sourness, it will cling on your tongue for a second or two. All that adds up perfectly for a taste that is both unique and refreshing.

Soryu Winery Freezing Wine Red 2017

This ice wine is made from Muscat Bailey grapes and has notes of strawberry jam. It pairs perfectly with foods such as Gorgonzola cheese. Some even swear that it’s even perfect with chocolate.

Kurambon Wine Bel Alba

People that like drinking natural wines will find Kurambon’s Bel Alba very pleasing. Its natural tastiness of grapes is supplemented by a note of fruitiness. The Rose wine feels a bit foamy and it goes best with chicken, pork, and/or vegetables.

Haramo Wine Koshu Lees Contact (2017)

Koshy grapes are strongly felt with this above-average wine. Its floral scent features notes of honey, mimosa, or flowers. The wine is quite dry, well-balanced, and goes with pretty much anything from the Japanese cuisine.

Tomi no Oka 2016 Red

Folks that are into a good Merlot will enjoy this wine as well. Its acidity is bit on the higher end, but at the same time, it is light enough so that it goes well with most Japanese dishes.

Premium Koshu 2016

This wine is described as refreshing, light, featuring notes of mint and apples. That cleanliness and ease to drink make it perfect for pairing with creamy foods. For example, Japenese dishes such as varieties of miso and buttery Saiko. Furthermore, it is perfect as a chilled drink on a summer night.

Koshu Sparkling Wine

How about a sparkling wine featuring a clear taste of Koshu? Its fruity note and citrusy smell feel very refreshing. It tastes sweet and has a certain sharpness similar to the one found in sake. This is the perfect wine for folks that are into fizzy and sweet drinks but are not that much into alcohol.

Chânmoris Wine Niagara

Thanks to its fruity sweetness, it is one of the best dessert wines in the land of the rising sun. Because of its balanced flavors, you will want to drink it after a meal. Just a few sips and the craving for sweets will be gone.

Kyoho Nigori 2018

The wine comes in orchid pink color and it is one of the sweetest Japanese wines. This wine is best for folks that are not that much into alcohol, and lean more towards juices and soft drinks. Before drinking, it is best to properly chill it.

Kurambon Wine Adirondac

This is perfect for first-time wine drinkers. It’s very refreshing and sweet featuring flagrance resembling candy or gum. Due to its sweetness, it tastes more like juice than actual wine.

Sake glasses
Although more commonly known for their national drink of Sake, Japanese wines have exploded onto the scene in recent years as skilled spirit makers turn their attention to wine…


From the selection above, it is more than clear that Japan has a lot to offer to wine lovers. We’ve focused on the traditional Japanese wines here, but if you want to try something a little different then it’s hard to beat Japanese plum wine – an essential must-try if you find yourself lucky enough to be in Japan or at a great Japanese restaurant!

Folks that want to try something new and unique, you will enjoy trying Japanese wines. Many experts predict that the best is yet to come from Japanese and that their wine industry is yet to fulfil its massive potential.